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Want To Make An Impact?

Fill out this application if you are interested in being a teacher or volunteer for our organization! No matter your skills or experience, we can find a place for you to make a difference in your community alongside DUET Kids. 


 We require a background check for anyone involved with our program. We protect the privacy of children and the child.

                      We have multiple opportunities for volunteering:

  1. Be a music teacher. Do you play an instrument? Can you commit to once a week or more for a half hour? Virtual or in-person teaching opportunities are welcome.

  2. Web design and social media are a huge part of all nonprofit awareness. We are in need of someone who is able to make the website look good and/or keep our social media pages posting!

  3. Do you know how to make a newsletter? DUETkids wants to produce a newsletter and a take-home sheet for its students.

  4. Do you know music history, or do you have a great idea for social media posts or curriculum ideas? We need people who love music and the arts.

  5. Can you paint, draw or sculpt? Create art in any way? DUETkids wants to expand and have an art program. At the moment, it is in the Dream stage, but can you make it happen? Organizers, creators, business acumen? We can always use bright ideas and advice. Legal background? Maybe you can help us with our tax form 990? Board members and volunteer staff are always welcome as we believe in the saying, “Many hands, make light work.”

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Apply Now

Thank you for applying!

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