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Our Mission

Where there is need, let there be action.
Where there are dreams, let there be a path.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything"


      DUET Kids provides no-cost musical education, instruments, and digital music creation for at risk, underserved, and low-income students. Through partnerships cultivated within the public school systems, local emergency shelters, and after school programs for at-risk populations, DUET Kids has created a highly successful program: pairing young students with high school and college students in our Student Teaching Students Initiative to conduct private musical instruction. 


     Multiple studies prove that music helps heal trauma and create new brain synapses and connections. By engaging older student teachers with elementary-aged students, DUET Kids provides multiple opportunities in learning and pedagogy for Pre-K through College students. 

Our Programs

Students Teaching Students Initiative

     DUET Kids partners with a local, award-winning charter school, headed by Kelli Horton, and trains students to teach younger students from at-risk, 100% Title 1 funded, elementary schools to learn how to plan a musical instruments. This program teaches high school students majoring in musical instruments to learn valuable job skills, such as success in the application process and interviewing, in addition to teaching. After training, students are either paid an hourly wage or given community service hours.

The WW Law Center 

One of our newest programs, the teaching at the WW Law Center offers as an after school opportunity for children in a low-income neighborhood to learn not just piano, but many other instruments as well including guitar, drums, and even chorus as well. Running through the summer, we will be offering these lessons for the children of Downtown Savannah who do not have the opportunities to access instruments or musical instruction.


The Hitch Village Project

      Once of our amazing programs includes giving music lessons to elementary and middle school students at Hitch Village, a historic government housing project in Savannah, GA. These students rely only on programs that the state provides in their schools, so they are not provided access to one-on-one musical instruction. Hitch Village is a known gang-controlled environment, so DUET Kids has offered the children in this project the opportunity for piano lessons and chorus practice to escape potentially dangerous environments. Beyond these weekly after school lessons, DUET Kids has inspired the children in Hitch Village to continue their musical learning in the Savannah Jazz Academy.

Partnership with a Local Emergency Shelter

     This past winter, DUET Kids' student teachers taught at a holiday-themed camp in a local emergency domestic violence shelter. These children were in crisis and transient living situations, and our teachers instructed children ages 6-12 on the basics of piano in order for them to learn holiday songs that they can play anywhere they encounter a piano.

DUETKids is less than 5 years old and has already made an enormous impact in at risk, underserved, low income students and in 100% Title 1 schools students.

Our Team

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Interested In Teaching?

DUET Kids welcomes community teachers and the musical community. We require background checks and safety guidelines to be followed by all of our volunteers and staff to provide a safe community for the children learning in our program. 

Help Fund Our Mission

DUET Kids works alongside community centers, emergency shelters, and low-income area schools to provide children with the opportunity to learn music and develop their growing brains. Making this possible is done not only by our wonderful staff and volunteers, but also by people like you.

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